Furniture making courses in London. Learn how to make design and make furniture. We teach box making classes; chair making classes, basic woodworking, carpentry and joinery, power tools classes, steam bending, wood finishing and furniture design.

Weekend Joinery Classes

Joinery Weekender

COST: £220
DURATION: 2 days
LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate

Mortice and tenons are the main joints used for all kinds of framed construction including tables, chairs, windows, doors, stools, benches, and timber-framed buildings. 

The basic joint is simple but can be adapted to suit a whole range of uses. For example, a tenon for a chair is a bit different to the one used for a glazed door. We'll show you how to make four versions of the joint, that cover the most common situations.

You should come away from this course with a solid understanding of how the joint is made and how you can use it in your next project.

Man using a Japanese saw

Dovetail Joinery Weekender

COST: £220
DURATION: 2 days
LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate

Dovetails always inspire a sense of awe. They look great, are very strong and are fairly straightforward to make once you understand how they work.

If you've ever wanted to make cabinets, boxes or drawers then you'll want to learn how to cut dovetails by hand.

By the end of the class, you should be feeling ready to put your new skills to the test. Go ahead and try them out on a small cabinet, or come to our next Box Making class.

An image of a hand holding a chisel


Robert Wearing's superb 'The Essential Woodworker' could have been written for the London School of Furniture Making. Most of what we try to convey through our classes and our project lessons can be found here. Each subject is clearly explained with numerous diagrams and photographs used to emphasise the text. All in all an excellent book for the beginner and a reference work for the more experienced woodworker.