The London School of Furniture Making: Taster Class

Taster Class

COST: £55
LEVEL: Foundation*


Three men showing off their woodwork joints

We run woodworking taster sessions so that you can see if you like the class before committing to a longer course of lessons. 

The session will focus on making one or two simple joints to get you used to using the tools correctly and to give you an insight into where joinery fits into the making process. 

It also gives you a flavour of our teaching methods and you'll know whether you'd like to continue studying with us. 

The class is meant to be fun, but what you'll learn is technically challenging and we make no apologies for being demanding and making you work hard.

If you do want to carry on after this initial introduction, the next step will be to book a place on one or all of the Basic Skills classes.

If you fancy something that lasts a bit longer, take a peek at our new All-day Taster.

A smiling woman holding a saw and a chisel.


The Taster class is only 2½ hours long, so please make sure you arrive in good time for the start of the class. If you're more than 15 mins late you will miss out on some essential information crucial to your understanding and enjoyment of the lesson. If you're more than a half an hour late you are going to miss all of the most important parts and we won't have time to get you up to speed, which will make you and us very, very sad.😕

You can make sure that you do arrive at our front door by following the detailed directions on the Contact Us page of the website. Do NOT follow Google's as they will send you to the back of the building.

* Foundation level isn't just for complete novices. It also applies to students who make stuff but haven't been formally trained and may have missed some useful steps along the way.