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CORE SKILLS: Door Construction

LEVEL: Intermediate*

Image of a sketch of a traditional framed door

This is the first of our component courses, where we tackle the framed and panelled door, so common to Georgian/Victorian rooms and Shaker furniture.

From small cupboard doors to large room doors, the mortice and tenon joint takes centre-stage. Over two days you'll learn how to use this joint to make a traditional framed and panelled door with just a few simple tools.

Image of woodworking tools

If you're already comfortable with using a mortice chisel and sawing out tenons with a tenon or carcase saw, then this course will be an excellent next step in your development as a furniture maker.

Duration: 2 days
Cost: £235
Days: Saturday/Sunday
Dates: 25th/26th May 2019


Robert Wearing's The Essential Woodworker should be one of the first books in your library. It covers making a simple door in an easily understood manner. Aimed at the amateur woodworking who hasn't had any formal tuition, this book gives friendly instruction on core woodworking techniques.

If you can't find a sensibly priced copy on Amazon, then you can get a lovely Lost Art press edition at Classic Handtools.

*To gain the most from this class you should already have a basic understanding of how to make a mortice and tenon joint. If you aren't quite there yet, our Core Skills Joinery is the best way to get you ready for your first door.