The London School of Furniture Making: Japanese Coffee Table

Japanese Coffee Table

LEVEL: Intermediate*

Image of a small table with Japanese stylings

Those of you who have been on our chairmaking course will recognise the lines of our Nakashima inspired coffee table. We've introduced a few Japanese joinery elements to the construction which pose one or two technical challenges and add something fresh to the mix.

Whether you've already made the chair or are thinking of making one, this class will either serve as a warm-up or a companion project to sit alongside it.  You can of course just make it for the sake of making it because it is a fine piece in its own right.

Cost: £575
Days: Monday to Friday
Dates: 2nd to 6th September 2019

*Intermediate level projects are suitable for students who have already completed Core Skills:Joinery, or the All-day Taster.