The London School of Furniture Making: Furniture and Cabinetmaking Courses



Tasters - 2.5hrs - Short and sweet
Furniture Making Basic Skills - The quickest way to learn the most important skills
Japanese Coffee Table - A beautiful little table that will suit most interiors
Box Making - An excellent first project.
Workbench - A compact bench easily stowed away when not in use.
Chair Making - Try our version of a 20th Century classic.
Bespoke Lessons - We can design a class to suit your particular needs or the needs of your workforce.

Furniture and Cabinetmaking Courses

Welcome to the London School of Furniture Making, the capital's home of furniture making and woodwork daytime classes. Whether you want to dabble with at 2.5hr Taster or throw yourself into making a masterpiece for home, we have a course for you. 

Image of breakfast tray with curved handles


If you are wondering where to start, look no further than our Basic Skills Classes. They are designed to develop a core set of technical skills such as joinery with handtools, planing or machining. If you are looking to jump straight into a project then the Box Making or Coffee Table classes are a good starting point.  

  • If you are short on time then try one or two of our intensive Furniture Making Basic Skills classes. Taken together they cover the most important points and are a really good preparation for the project centred courses.

Image of dozuki saw

  • The Box Making Class is the ideal beginner to intermediate furniture making project. You'll perfect the dovetail joint, learn how to use a plane and apply a flawless finish.

Image of dovetailed box

Image of a pair of ash coffee tables

Detail of wooden chair seat, legs and spindles. Walnut.

  • Not sure if any of this is for you, then try one of our TASTER classes. At just 2.5 hours long, they give you a good idea of what to expect from us and a reasonable insight into whether woodwork is for you. 

Image of a woman chiselling a dovetail joint.


We encourage our students to stay on to make projects of their own.  Bench space is available for use during the day and you will have access to your tutor for technical help.

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We pride ourselves on the high quality of our teaching and our workshop equipment. We keep our classes very small, in most cases only four students at a time.  


While the old saying a bad workman blames his tools has some mileage to it, inferior quality tools and tools that just do not work are neither safe nor enjoyable to use. That's why we have invested in some of the best tools available so that you can get on with making great furniture.

Detail of the lid of a box made of walnut

Phone or email if you have any questions. If you happen to be in the area you are more than welcome to drop by the workshop for a chat but please call first.

Image of people holding wooden boxes in a workshop