THE LONDON SCHOOL OF FURNITURE MAKING: DOVETAILS - Joints for boxes, drawers and cabinets.

Furniture making courses in London. We run woodwork classes, for adult learners. Our woodwork short course is suitable for experienced students who want to deepen their knowledge. A series of introductory cabinet making lessons build into a comprehensive set of carpentry skills. We teach you how to use joinery to create a coffee table or a make a Japanese coffee table. You can learn how to make boxes and we have a workbench class too. We offer a steam bending class.

DOVETAILS - Joints for boxes, drawers and cabinets.

'Easier than you think'

Two wooden boxes on a workbench
Dovetailed Boxes

The dovetail is used to join the corners of cabinets, drawers, and boxes. While it's certainly impressive it isn't as difficult as it appears. There's no need to feel intimidated, and with our systematic approach, you'll quickly get to grips with the fundamentals of the joint. We recommend that you take a Taster class or Core Skills: Joinery first, but we will go over a few basic concepts for newcomers.

       What Do We Cover?

  • Measuring and marking
  • Special tools for dovetails
  • Through, lapped and mitred dovetails
  • We will also look at the so-called Impossible Dovetail 

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate


Cost: £295
Day(s): Monday to Wednesday
Time: 10.00 to 16.30


Which Course Should I Take Next?

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