Furniture making courses in London. We run woodwork classes, for adult learners. Our woodwork short course is suitable for experienced students who want to deepen their knowledge. A series of introductory cabinet making lessons build into a comprehensive set of carpentry skills. We teach you how to use joinery to create a coffee table or a make a Japanese coffee table. You can learn how to make boxes and we have a workbench class too. We offer a steam bending class.


It is no secret that here at The London School of Furniture Making we have a bit of a thing for George Nakashima's work. One of his most enduring designs is his 1960's Conoid Chair. We've made a few attempts at our own version of it and we thought you'd like to make one too.

Image of a spokeshave

This course is our most demanding class; ideally suited to those who have quite a bit of joinery/furniture making experience and anyone who has completed Core Skills Joinery with us. You'll be working mostly with hand tools but we will also make use of a number of power tools along the way.

LEVEL: Intermediate*

Cost: £1195
Days: Monday to Friday
Times: 9.00 til 16.30
July 2021

Image of walnut coffee table

* Intermediate level courses are best suited to those of you who have already completed one of our Core Skills Joinery courses or have a good understanding of hand cut joinery. If the words 'face side and face edge' mean nothing to you, then this course is a little above your current ability.


If you want to learn more about George Nakashima then look no further than these two books. The first is by George Nakashima in which he talks about his life and influences, and the second is by his daughter Mira Nakashima and it shows the wealth of work that produced by her father in his lifetime. Both books are essential reading for any fan of 20th Century Modern furniture. However, it's probably best to bide your time to see if you can find one at a sensible price.