The London School of Furniture Making: Core Skills: Furniture Design

Core Skills: Furniture Design

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate

Wire frame sketches of little tables

Designing your own furniture is something many of us dream about but aren't sure where to start. This four-day course is intended to be an introduction to techniques which will help to develop your ideas and get them down on paper.

Your task will be to design a small table using a series of rough sketches; eventually choosing one of these ideas to develop into a more complete design; by the end of the course, you will have a working drawing to take away and hopefully turn into the real thing during our supervised access sessions.


The idea of drawing can be intimidating, but we want you to be assured that you don't have to be "good" at drawing to enjoy this class. Rough scribbles are perfect for getting ideas out of your head and on to the page; a lot of them will be useless, and that's okay, they don't all have to be brilliant. So please don't worry if you draw like a five-year-old, even they have some genius ideas.

Cost: £375
Days: Tuesdays
Dates: 10th September to 29th October 2019
Time: 18.00 to 20.30


For those of you who do want to improve their freehand sketching ability, we recommend this classic tome: Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain by Betty Edwards. It's basically a self-help book for would-be artists. It's been around for decades and is still our go-to book for drawing instruction.