The London School of Furniture Making: Donations


From time to time we are offered tools, books, timber and other woodworking paraphernalia, for which we are always grateful. Sadly, we are a bit tight for space so we can't accept large items of furniture. We can take the odd coffee table, chair or toolbox etc, but a Welsh dresser or sideboard is a bit too big.

Photograph of an engineer's toolbox in oak. Small chest of drawers.

Often these items were owned by a partner or parent of the donor and so they have significant emotional value to that person. We would like to think that we are honouring both the previous owners and their loved ones by dealing with the donations in the following ways.

No Tool or Book Left Behind

  • We try to use everything we receive so most of what is donated will be put to good use.
  • Surplus items are offered to our students or those just starting their careers at no cost.
  • We try to repair broken or damaged tools. Those we can't fix we keep for spare parts.
  • Tools that can't be used by us or our students are sold and any profit made donated to charity. This year we are supporting The Alzheimer's Society and Macmillan Nurses. 
  • If we receive a tool or book that is rare or historically significant, we will donate it to a museum or archive where it can be documented.

We are happy to come to you in person to pick up your donation. However, if you are more than 2hrs away from London by car we will try to organise a collection by courier. 

Please contact  Helen if you have any questions about your donation or would like to organise a collection.

Photograph of woodworking books