The London School of Furniture Making: 1 to 1 Lessons



Tasters - 2.5hrs - Short and sweet
Furniture Making Basic Skills - The quickest way to learn the most important skills
Japanese Coffee Table - A beautiful little table that will suit most interiors
Box Making - An excellent first project.
Workbench - A compact bench easily stowed away when not in use.
Chair Making - Try our version of a 20th Century classic.
Bespoke Lessons - We can design a class to suit your particular needs or the needs of your workforce.

1 to 1 Lessons

Level: All
Cost: £100/hr
Day: Flexible

A student using a cabinet scraper
We offer one-to-one tuition for those of you who prefer to study at your own speed or feel that you would benefit from extra help.

We've found the classes especially useful for those of you preparing to start or are already some way into a project but might need a bit of guidance on certain aspects or techniques.

One-to-one tuition also makes a welcome gift for a partner or friend who would enjoy the luxury of an exclusive lesson.

Phone or email to discuss dates and what you would like to cover in your session.

Phone: 07815075314