The London School of Furniture Making: Make A Portable Workbench - £495

Make A Portable Workbench - £495

COST: £495
LEVEL: Intermediate*
DATE: 25th to 27th June 2018

One of the most important tools in the workshop is a workbench.  At some point, most of us have tried to work on a wobbly WorkMate or heaven forefend, the dining room table.

Image of a small workbench and  veritas surface clamp.

This sturdy little workbench is designed to give you a solid, portable, easily stowed away work surface that has the same functionality as a full-sized bench. You can clamp it to any work surface, of a suitable height, with G or F cramps.

Image of portable workbench with a Bad Axe dovetail saw.

The vice is big enough to hold modest sized pieces for sawing, chiselling and planing. The bench itself is compact but can support activities like chopping out mortices, which you really have no business trying to do on something rickety and lightweight.

Make a useful portable workbench, that won't take up much room.

This little bench makes is a useful addition to your existing set-up because it raises your work up to a more comfortable height. Now you can stop stooping over and putting strain on your neck and back.


We'll be adding a moxon vice to the basic bench top and frame. The vice is capable of holding all but the biggest boards, for tricky operations such as sawing out dovetails and working on end grain.

Please note we will be making our own moxon vice out of a selection of components, and not the ones shown in the link, which are very nice but come with an eye-watering price tag. Ours might not look as refined but it does the same job at a fraction of the price.

Sketchup drawing of a portable workbench

The overall size is around 600mm long, by 450mm deep by 220mm high.

* Intermediate level courses are suitable for anyone who has attended one of our Basic Skills planing or Joinery classes or something similar at a different school.

If you don't know your face side from your face edge, or what these terms mean, then you would be better served by booking a place on one of our Basic Skills classes before joining this class.