Furniture Making Basic Skills - From £295

We know that many of you are itching to learn how to make furniture but for any number of good reasons, can't commit to a long-term course. That's why we have devised these intensive courses in order to give you the core skills needed to get started or improve on what you are already doing. 


BASIC SKILLS - Joinery - 3 days - £295

This unit focuses on the joints used to make tables, chairs, doors and other frames; how they work and where best to use them. 

During the class, you will develop core hand skills as well as an increased awareness of accuracy in measuring and marking. You will also learn how to put and keep a sharp edge on your chisels.

There is no set project for this class. Instead, we will guide you through a series of useful joints that you can then put to work in a future project.

BASIC SKILLS - Dovetails - 3 days - £295

In this unit, we will demystify the dovetail joint. Dovetails are used to make cabinets, drawers and boxes, and are arguably most attractive joint of all. 

Learn how to master through, mitred and half lap dovetails. Then have a go at the infamous impossible dovetail.

BASIC SKILLS - Planes and Planing - 3 days - £295

The hand plane is the quintessential woodwork tool. Nothing comes close to the precision that these fantastic tools are capable of achieving. 

We will show you how to set up and maintain your plane, and teach you how to level, joint and smooth by hand.

For your set project, you will make a platter.  We used to call it a chopping board but no one wants to chop on something so nice. 

It's simple in concept but it will really develop and test your planing skills, as you'll have to plane all the surfaces by hand, make the boards fit together precisely and produce a beautifully smooth surface free from tear-out and scratches. Prepare to fall in love!

BASIC SKILLS - Power Tools - 3 days - £295

Learn how routers, circular saws and other portable power tools can help you to speed up the making process. 

We will cover safe use of these machines as well as tips and tricks that help you to work smarter and faster.


There is a bewildering array of woodworking books available and knowing which one to choose isn't always easy. To simplify matters we heartily recommend the updated Collins Complete Woodworker's Manual. It covers the most important subject areas in a clear, concise fashion and that's why we think it deserves a place on every aspiring woodworker's shelf.